5 for 10-Down But Not Out

Haha you know the saying, “If you want to make Universe laugh, tell her your plans?”

Well there I was all declaring my intent to write publicly every day for the month of December, and here I am today on the 10th day of the month and this is entry #5, which by even my simple math makes me 50% down.

But then again, math is all about how you go about it.  What to one is 50% down is to another 50% up.

If I hadn’t made the declaration I wouldn’t have the 5 posts I have.

50/50 whichever way you slice it.

In the past I would be beating myself up and would no doubt be feeling quite humble writing this post. Actually I would probably not even write this post, maybe I would write it off as a failure already.

But here’s something simple I have learned along this journey, failure is part of success, so if there is no failure there is often, no success.  What is for sure is that failure is no sign that success is not part of the plan.

We only really fail when we let a shortcoming or hurdle stop us. Failing to go on after stumbling is the true failure, failing to get up after falling, is the true failure, forgetting altogether, that is true failure.

As a child my riding teacher always told us that we wouldn’t be a “real” rider until we had fallen off 7 times.  Her reasoning was that if you weren’t falling (occasionally) then you probably weren’t riding.  Falling off was not seen as failing but as an inevitable part and parcel of riding a horse.

And so it is in life.  If we don’t get up on the horse for sure we will be safe, we will not fall off and life will be hum drum at best.  But if we get up on that horse, take hold of the reins and know that we can co-create our way, life takes on a different hue.

Yes we may get bucked off a few times, maybe even break a few bones (check on both) but that pales into insignificance after spending time with a horse.  In this case the juice is so worth the squeeze!

There’s nothing to be gained from staying safe (bar a few extra pounds from excessive couch surfing and comfort eating).  It’s time to saddle up and be prepared to get back on when life bucks us off.

Life is too short to be a bystander in our production. Seize the reins and ride toward that sunset being sure to take in the view along the way.

Giving myself permssion to be ok with 5 for 10, or whatever for whatever, is night and day to my old self punishing ways.  I stumle alot on my oen path to self forgiveness but I haven’t failed to get back up once since I started.

So today, I am proud to be here, it took me a moment to feel that way but I really do.  I am at peace with myself.  Rigidity will break me, like the willow I choose to bend with the wind.

Down but not out. Not in this lifetime!

Now what about you? Do you need to give yourself permission for things to not be as you would like or to even, gasp, fail? Do it, I promise you will feel lighter and you never know when you fall who will be there to pick you up.

Just for today let yourself off the hook.  If you like it, choose to do it again tomorrow and the next day.

Until next time…

Live. Love. Be Loved.