A new year won’t magically make you feel better-don’t wish away the days to the end of the year. Pain is part of your process.

My love I am seeing and hearing a lot of people in pain that just want the year to end. The conversation generally goes something like, “How was your year?” and the response goes, “I just want this year to be over, it’s been a rough one, I’m ready for a new year and a new beginning.Enough of 2015 I’m ready for 2016”

Perhaps you have heard this conversation as well, maybe you were the one wishing for the new year. The thing is that’s precious human life being wished away because we have (most likely) loved, lost and hurt in the process. This is human life unfolding. Pain is part of the process. Don’t wish the pain away, let it be a part of the healing. It’s often not easy but after the darkest night comes the dawn.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you caught up defining your life in years or have you succumbed to living more in the moment?

All love to you my dear. All time is now. You were born to shine. Now is YOUR time

Sat nam