Alert: System Overload!

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks or months) where you feel like your head is going to spin off into orbit trying to take in all that you are currently learning?  You know the feeling that integrating the information is causing the inner wheels of your brain to overheat? 

Starting a new business can have a lot of these moments, especially when you are in the middle of a steep learning curve that involves many aspects of learning.  For example it is one aspect to hone your craft and go to workshops and do research relating to it, that uses one portion of your brain. 

Then there is the "technical" aspect, such as learning how to set up and use that oh so fabulous email system that is designed to simply your life but only once you have mastered the learning curve.  Emails are sent automatically once people "opt in" but of course you have to set that up and draft the responses to be sent and the duration between each delivery.

Newsletters, everyone should have newsletters they say, it's how we keep in touch with our community.  Of course there is more software and set up to learn to do that.  Then there is content to plan.

And the calendars, how to sync your calendars and use Timetrade for others to book appointments.  Oh and not to mention the teleconferencing software that you want to use to showcase and deliver your shiny new product.

Of course then there is the matter of downloading what that new product is, along with a "pink spoon," that gift that people get when they opt into your list.  And what will that pink spoon be and how will you deliver it.  And how will you launch it?  Will you ask others to help you promote it?

Yes, having others promote your fab work is a great way to get the message out so now you need to set up an affiliate program.  One more piece to add to the "must learn puzzle of being in business."

Then there is the blog, you want to give great content to your loyal followers and now you have to learn how to set it up (which platform should you choose?  More research)  Then there is the set up and learning how to add images and comment boxes, oh and that "opt in" box that brings them in for your newsletters and to stay in touch.  And how to add the FaceBook and Twitter like and share buttons, more html to figure out where to put.

Social media, everyone is tweeting and sharing and getting LinkedIn, some are Digging and others are€¦some are stumbling upon€¦and so many more.  Setting them up, understanding the differences and integrating them to make information transfer simple.

Networking, gotta network with real people and get out there.  Add that to the already busy schedule.

Of course this is before we even talk about the more mundane such as book-keeping, filing taxes, paying bills, tidying up the office, filing etc€¦

The list goes on and on and on€¦the head spins a little further, wheels get so hot they almost stop working, we are approaching serious system overload.

This week has felt like that, along with some serious emotional pain thrown in for good measure just to offset the tipping point.  We lost the stallion on the farm on Tuesday and the hen who was sitting on her eggs in our the garden the next day. 

Deeply sad two days and  followed by two fully scheduled days without wiggle room for breathing.  And it all leads me to tonight, 10pm and just off our weekly coaching call.

I am drained, put a fork in me, I am done.  Time to stop this train and take are of me. 

What can we do to relieve the pressure building up in our brains?

Tune in tomorrow to see how I deal with this situation.  In the meantime let me know if you have ever had this feeling€¦or am I the only one?

Scrambled but not defeated!!! Shiv

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