Are You a Process or Results Person?

I don't know how many times I have "resolved" to do something only to give up either before it began or part way through. From dieting to working out to you name it, I have said and not done it.

Sound familiar? Recently I spoke about the importance of honoring the agreements we make with ourselves. Today I want to take it one step further and ask you a question:

"Are you a process or results person?"

Take this scenario; Sally and Cynthia both decide enough is enough and that they need to make a change in their routine. One of the agreements they made with themselves was to work out 4 times a week to improve their health.

On the first morning Sally wakes up to her thunderous alarm next to her bed and rain outside. Knowing that it was cold and wet outside and warm and snuggly in her bed, she hit the snooze button promising herself "I will work out tomorrow".

Meanwhile across town, Cynthia wakes up to her thunderous alarm next to bed and rain outside. She got up, took a quick shower, gathered her things (which she had prepared the night before) and headed out into the rain and onto to the gym.

What is the difference between Sally and Cynthia? Both made a commitment yet only one followed through.

Sally can be classified as a "process" person. When she woke up her focus was on what it would take to get her to the gym.

Cynthia on the other hand is a classic "results" person. She woke up and focused on the result, namely that after her workout she would feel better, be one step closer to her health goal and stay true to her commitment to herself.

So how about you? When faced with something to which you have resistance are you focused on the process or the results?

Knowing which side you fall can greatly help you to honor your commitments. Of course the results people generally do not have a problem.

But those of us that are process people, like me, it can help to start to shift the focus from looking at what to takes to get there to what to feels like to be there.

So next time you are daunted by what it takes to get there, take a deep breath and remind yourself what achieving the results would mean to you.

Nothing feels as good as honoring the commitments we make to ourselves. When we do not we are in self sabotage mode.

To your greatest health for that is where you wealth lies.