Are you confused about what time of day is best for your yoga practice? Read on, I got you covered. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Practicing yoga is not about becoming more bendy, flexible and more spiritual, though they may be a welcome side effect. The purpose of yoga is to unite body, mind and Spirit, so we can do, and be, better in the world. Of course to feel the benefits you gots to do the practice. One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What time should I practice?

Now the thing with this question is that there is more than one thing, LOL! But the biggest thing, for me, is the word “should”. How much of our lives are put on pause because we think we should or should not do something? Each of us has been gifted with a precious human body that is capable of so much yet we get caught up on the “should train”. We are trained to respond to the shoulds of others as well as ourselves. And it’s time to stop.

Let’s make an agreement right here that we are pulling out of the should station, not just about the time we practice, but around all things. Don’t do things because you (or someone else) feels you should, do them because they are good and right, and that is who and what we were born to be, to do good and to treat ourselves, others and the planet in the right way, no should’s required when good and right come to town!

So now the question becomes, “What’s the best time to do my yoga practice?”

There are two answers to this question, the practical one and the one passed down from the yogis. Now usually in my word this would be a no contest, the Yogis have been around so much longer than me and I feel good deferring to their wisdom. The beauty of many of the sacred arts and traditions is that in order to survive the 1000’s of years that they’ve been around, they have had to adapt, ever so subtly. That which is rigid breaks, like the Willow tree, these traditions learned to bend with the times without losing the treasure contained in the integrity of the original teachings.

As we look to our own practice, it is prudent to nod to the Willow and the adaptability of the teachings, and learn to bend outside of the latest twisty pose we have learned. Check out today’s video to see how I straggle the practical and yogic approach as to the best time to practice so you too can get your practice on.
Now it’s your turn. Do you have a regular time to practice? Is your practice as regular as you like? What challenges do you face trying to get your practice on? These are universal questions that most (if not all) of us, face at some time or another. When we share our struggles and triumphs something very magikal happens, we realize we are not alone and often that can be all our Soul needs to take that next brave step. And everywhere we want to go begins with the next step.

It truly is my honor and pleasure to be stepping this sacred path with you my love, alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more.

There is power and possibility in each and every one of us, together we can.

All love

Sat nam