Are you eating your feelings? How does hunger strike you? What if there is a different way to release the weight?

I’ve done more than my fair share of starving myself only to keep putting the weight back on and then some. All that time and energy I spent on how I looked on the outside, only to find out that like a mirror, the weight was just a reflection of how I felt on the inside. You can catch up on the early part of my weight release journey here and here.

Turns out that it wasn’t about the food, or even exercise, of course they are factors but their role comes in further down the line, and so often, at least in my case (and all those I work with), it seems that is the place we spend our attention-and all the while the results lay in us concentrating elsewhere first.

But don’t despair, there is more than hope at hand, for the solution is so close to home, so accessible, that you, me and every-body has total access to it.

Join me for an exercise I give to clients when they want to lose weight, or make a habitual shift. It’s what I used to release 85 lb and keep them off for over fifteen years. What could it do for you? Sometimes it’s as simple as being curious and re-framing. Check it out here and share you thoughts. Is love to know how hunger strikes you.