Are You In the Car Pool Lane? Or Do You Travel Alone?

Zipping down the car pool lane from Petaluma to San Francisco during rush hour traffic, I am reminded once again of traveling in the right lane. As we coasted down the car pool lane the other two lanes were slow moving.

Once again I found myself shouting, You're in the wrong lane.

This happens in life too. We set out in one direction and then find ourselves stuck in the traffic of life. Being stuck can be a frustrating place to be. Yet, it is often challenging to see how and where we can get unstuck.

One thing I have found is that once we have the realization that we are stuck and feel the pain that it brings, Universe has a way of providing an opportunity.

Now opportunity does not always come in the form we would desire. For instance my biggest gift from the Universe, my opportunity, came in the form of my house fire. For me, it took having a near death experience and losing all my worldly possessions for me to see that I was in the wrong lane.

I was traveling in the lane of someone else, and I was stuck in the traffic of that life. A life that was not my own but that of another. The life they said I was supposed to live but not the one I was born to live. Have you ever had that feeling?

Let's bring this analogy back to the freeway and the car pool lane. For those stuck in the traffic this morning with only one person in the car could not change lanes, they were, at least for this morning, stuck in traffic.

Only cars with 2 or more people get to travel in the car pool lane. Think about it, in this instance two heads are better than one.

How does this apply to you and your life I hear you ask.

As entrepreneurs and Dare Dreamers there is much we can do alone. We can change lanes and even direction. But we cannot travel solo in the car pool lane, we can still get stuck in traffic. Add another person to the car and voila, car pool lane opens up and we are back in the flow.

So in your business and life it is all about gathering you team, your tribe, your supporters. Adding someone else into the mix brings another point of view into the picture. It adds another skillset that obviously needs to compliment your own and your vision, but also adds something that you may not have.

We like to call it having a yin to your yang!

Car pooling in our businesses as entrepreneurs can literally take us out of the traffic lane, out of stuck and into the flow where we can truly manifest the full vision of our big dream.

Traveling solo can be fun and sometimes we need it. However, traveling with someone else gives us the opportunity to share, to stay in the flow, to get there faster and provides a different perspective to the challenges and triumphs that all small and large businesses go through.

Collaboration with another provides another flint to spark our fires.

Of course we don't always need to use the car pool lane, there are journeys where traveling solo works. But when we have to face rush hour traffic and be in the freeway it really helps to have another to car pool with.

The same follows with our business, maybe the day to day business is going smoothly but when we want to expand or bring forth a bigger, brighter vision it can help to have someone else along for the ride.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality. John Lennon

Who can you share your dream with? Who do you have to car pool with? How could your business and your life benefit from another point of view. Who do you have that is the yin to yang?

To your life On Purpose and With Passion

Do You Dare to Dream?