Baptism By Fire – Part 1

This week we are looking at Baptism by Fire (“BBF”).  You know the kind of process where you are thrown into the pool to learn how to swim.

I have had 2 “burnings” in the last week.  One I knew was coming yet still had an element of surprise right at the end, and the other came out of nowhere.  Well it actually came out of a statement I made last Wednesday.  It was a casual statement that declared I would like to become good at a certain thing. 

No time frame or even visualization about when and how it might happen, I was just setting a seed for down the road.

Once you “put it out there” you have no idea how long it will take to boomerang back to you or in what form.

So the first BBF happened last week as we were preparing for the launch of our new Teleseminar Program.  Two days before the Preview Call the website was delayed, there is no opt in ready yet, the new headset hadn’t arrived and people were having trouble on my coaching calls hearing me€¦etc etc€¦

In other words there were a few reasons I could delay a week and get my ducks more in a row.

My mentor had a different view and we worked together and put on a great call, fulfilling our agreement with ourselves.  I have to admit it feels good to be on the other side of it, if I had had my way we would be doing our first call tomorrow, as it is we did that a week ago!

There’s nothing like the strike of a BBF to get you moving out of stagnation and into action.  Tune in tomorrow to hear about the other BBF that struck suddenly, asked me to stretch and turned out to be an awesome experience and a great opportunity for me going forward.

Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes I know that in order to rise up I must burn each time.  I willingly go to the flame knowing that each time I rise I rise higher.

Have you experienced BFF?  How was it for you, where did it accelerate you to?  I would love to know. 

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