Baptism By Fire, Part 2 – Power of Declaration

I did my first ever radio show – it was sooooo much fun.  Read on to see how it “manifested” very quickly after I declared it.

Click here to go hear the show, all about Billion Dollar Courage!  Naima is a firecracker and true Agent of Change.

Baptism By Fire, Part II – Power of Declaration

Today we continue the theme of Baptism By Fire (“BFF”).  The second burning is the one that has captivated me.  Less than a week ago I declared that I wanted to become known as a great interviewer after reading some works by Heather Vale.

I had never thought of interviewing as an art until I read Heather’s work.  I love the stories of how we get to where we are and the challenges and triumphs of the way.  What better way to get to know someone than through their stories.  And what better way to hear and learn the lessons we need to learn than through another’s story of their experience?

Less than a week later and I just did my first BlogTalkRadio show as host for Tribal Truth.  I will now be doing the show every Monday at 4pm.  How about that for manifesting?

Through my declaration and action I am a step closer to my dream, I have a platform to work from and the opportunity to hone my skill.

And more than that, I really loved the experience.  I only found out this morning that I was going to be the host, I thought I was going to ask a couple of questions.  Turns out my BFF today was one of the highlights of my year.

I put aside my fears, opened my heart and trusted that all was divinely unfolding.  And as I get ready to curl up with my honey I know it has and will continue to do so.  In the past three weeks we have put on our biggest live resentation, done our first preview call and I have had my first radio host show.

That’s the beauty of the BFF when it strikes, it accelerates the learning curve and suddenl y you are on the other side of the track.

And the phoenix rises again and again.

I would love to hear your phoenix rising stories¦

I remember at the beginning of this volume a friend saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you are a powerful woman.”

It was the first time I had heard that and over the past decade those words have taken on a huge significance in my life.

First in the recognition that I have power to co create my path and secondly, that when I wish for something I start with declaring it, after all words are powerful, not just mine, everyone’s, including yours!

This can bring a huge new awareness when we look at how we spend and sow our words in the world.  Do we use them to encourage and uplift knowing that all is well or do we use them to tear down and make others feel small so we don’t feel so small ourselves?

So when I have an inkling to do something I “put it out there.”  If I need more motivation I look at a way of doing something bigger that will “lock me in” to completing.  What do you do?