Be Aware of Your Words

I remember when I first became consciously aware of the power of my words. For me it came late in life (in my mid 30s). I had never heard the concept of actions stemming from words or even thoughts.

In fact there was a time back there that I might have laughed at the proposition but that is on the true beauties of life, we evolve and things change as can our perceptions and beliefs.

Two days after nearly dying in my house fire I emailed a friend I had met at Harbin the week before. Apparently my first words were. "I'm a lawyer and I want to simplify my life, I have a 7 year plan to get out."

He later told me that he knew it would not take me 7 years to leave my corporate misery. He was right it took 14 months not 7 years.

When I told him about the fire he emailed me and told me to be careful with my words, to be careful what I wished for. Of course my first thought was that I did not wish for fire, why would anyone wish for a fire in which they nearly died and lost everything they owned.

But as I sat with it I came to understand what he meant. I wanted a simpler life and post fire I had that, I didn't have a place to live or clothes to wear, all I had was a fire certificate stating that we had a fire.

Yes it was a scary and horrific day, occurring two days before the World Trade Center came down. And yes I did have the thought in the middle of the fire that I was going to die as I struggled to find the door in all the smoke and flames.

And then "poof" I was out on the street as though I had been picked up and dropped outside. We survived and our possessions did not. My life was about to get real simple!

A year before in Mexico I had seen a mural that gave me a conceptual understanding that our thoughts and words we connected to what we created but I didn't full integrate it until the fire.

Now I look at the quote and have a whole different understanding of its meaning. Let me share with you because it is one of the most powerful quotes I have seen;

Be aware of your thoughts
they became your words
Be aware of your words
they become your actions
Be aware of your actions
they become your destiny

Where are your thoughts taking you, I would love to know.