Being in Your Power

I am so proud to present my honey and partner Cemaaj Butler with his FIRST blog post ever, he will guest blogging every day this week.  His post is AWESOME, please give him some love and leave a comment below.

Get into your power

Shiv Cook

Sitting here at the coffee shop this morning and having my usual espresso. It's my treat to myself for just being a great individual on the planet. Each morning I sit and prepare to take action on that one percent that will take my business forward.

Well, needless to say, my computer stared to run out of Power. I know, for most of you this a no brainer; just plug it in!!! Right? Even your computer tells you, You have 10% power remaining, please plug into another power source.

This got me thinking that if we don't have power nothing else can happen. You have to be in your power to get things done: plugged in if you will. So what happen when your power starts to drain?

In my experience at the coffee shop today I needed to find power and quick. I asked the gentleman sitting next to me if I could share the plug he was using.  Essentially I was sharing in his power. I call this collaborative powering. What a concept!!!

My question to you today is this: when your power starts to wane do you stay in your power, are you plugged in? Or, do you need to share in the power of another, collaborative powering, until you are fully charged?

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Cemaaj Butler

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