“Being Stuck” – A Reality Check

Being stuck is no fun but it can lead to some interesting breakthroughs if we can learn to harness it into power to get us moving again.

Here’s a quick reality check for you to see whether you use stuck to stay where you are or whether you use it to propel you forward into motion, movement and opportunity.

Sit and think about the word “stuck.”  Where does that word hit you and what is the emotion behind it?

Write down the top three areas you feel stuck and put the date.  Explain to yourself the challenges you feel you face and how you feel about it.  Be as specific as you can, this could tell you a lot about your deep conditioning around what being stuck triggers for you.

Allow your mind to flow and write down whatever comes in, no judgement, no forcing, just let the words flow.

Now being completely honest with yourself look at the list and capture when that particular case of ‘stuck-ness” appeared on your radar.  Is it a new challenge that you are experiencing as you set out of playing small and into your bigger role?  Or is it a theme that has, in one way or another, been around in your life for a while now?

The final part of this exercise is to calendar a check in with yourself one month from now.  Put it on your calendar and review where you were a month ago, did you make movement or are you still swimming in circles and treading water?

Perhaps it is time to do something different and MOVE!

I would love to hear your “Stuck” stories, please share them down below.

May your life always have movement.