Breaking News: Our World Just Blew Apart and We Couldn’€™t Be Happier

It is Thursday evening and we just got off our weekly coaching call with Karma Farm. It is a 6 month program and we always look forward to it.

But not tonight. Tonight we were both feeling a little deflated. We just finished 10 days of the Master Cleanse, the moon is about to be full and we have been struggling with explaining our core message to the world.

As many of you know we have transitioned out of making food for people to coaching and developing online programs with the intention of making a change in the world. Not just a shift but a profound change that occurs across continents and into the lives of real people that then ripples on out in the lives of the people around those people.

Yes, the ripple effect is what we want, we are just the stones thrown in the pond that creates the ripple.

I have always wanted to be "the sparks that lights the fire within" a person.

Thing is I, or rather we, had defined our mission too narrowly€¦until tonight when we were graced with yet another Angel on our call, Heather Hansen O'Neill.

Five minutes into the call I felt as though Heather was speaking my heart, she even used my favorite story, the starfish story, to illustrate her point (watch for a blog post with the story soon).

This was more than a lightbulb moment, this was a paradigm shift. Literally our world blew apart and ideas flowed and it all fit.

I am here writing this post because I left my null and void life as a six figure lawyer to find my passion and in this moment, within the last two hours of sharing this with you, our true passion has been given birth and permission has been granted for it to spill forth on this page (but that I would dared to write such grandiose ideas before, but that was before and this is now)

In the NOW I am declaring, we are declaring that we have a gift, we have a passion to share with the world and we will do everything to breathe life into that passion to help others find their passion and purpose on the planet.

Sounds simple huh? Almost trite really. I remember thinking that about those who off "finding themselves" until I found myself lost in the forest. Eleven years later I no longer find it trite, I understand because I have walked the path of letting go of what others thought I should do and be to be who I want to be.

And tonight another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place and it turns out it was the piece that illuminated the whole picture. At 7.16pm tonight we closed one volume of our life and a new one opened.

So what does this mean to you my dear reader who has been following us along on a slightly different path?

It means that we are here for you even more to help and support you in finding a life of passion and purpose if that is something you are looking for.

If that is not what you are looking you get to share in our journey and the "how" of how this will all unfold for as I type I know not the how but my WHY is so powerful I know the how will unfold exactly as it should.

I have prayed and meditated for the last 6 or 7 weeks for this clarity of purpose. I have been on my knees, I have wept, I have sat still, I have queried and pondered and screamed and pleaded with the Universe to once again give me a sign that all this work to get here has not been in vain.

I have sat numb not wanting to think of the consequences this giant leap we took in transitioning our business might not work out. In order to rise out of the ashes the phoenix has to burn, and we were pretty toasted but with no sign of how we might rise.

AND THEN IT CAME. Our prayers have been answered and this glimmer, this spark I received on the call tonight tells me "we are where we need to be in order to go where we need to go". This has been my mantra in tough times for the last 11 years and it has never been more relevant than right now.

Good night my dear friends, thank you for your support, you have kept us going, now it is our turn to keep you going and so the merry go round continues.

To your life on purpose and with passion