Building Community


10.04pm  Note to Reader: This is a little longer (ok 800 words) I had a lot to say and still didn't say it all.  And no I didn't want to split it into two parts, it came out as one and thats that!

The day started early to drive down to San Francisco for my Sistership Circle at Saison.  The day awoke beautifully and was clear from sun rise¦It was clear and sunny in the city as we pulled in.

Mercury retrograde is still making her presence known, though 17 people came to our circle last month, only 1 turned up today.   Now, I could have reacted in one of two ways: first, I could have been miffed that people didnt turn up after securing a great location and getting the room ready, hum not to mention we spent the best part of our day driving down and back, for this very meeting.  Oh and the extra gas, that could get you really miffed. 

Secondly, would be to look on the bright side, as my grandmother would tell me.  Be grateful it was a beautiful day in the city, we got to see our neighbors and catch up with them.  Amazing how quick we have become the ones who live on a farm.  All conversation starts with, So, hows the farm?  And the vegetables?

I chose the latter, it was great to hang out with Alison¦and now as I type I keep taking a break to tap into the drumming.  Community is being built right here at this moment, people are glowing at having been part of a rhythm that changed their physiology!  Faces are glowing, all ages, colors, sizes and classes being united by the drum.

We are at Aqus Cafés first drum lesson and circle, we have our friend J with us.  The lesson is on the congas but of course Cemaaj bought two of his djembes, one each for him and J.  I am sitting writing to you and wishing you could feel the energy rising in the room as the rhythm works its magic on some people for the first time.

I totally believe many of societal antics are caused by our lack of community, of feeling like you belong.  To not have a place to be yourself ad know you belong, is deathly to the Soul.  Night lie this give people a taste of life with no boundaries, a freedom like no other.  A healthy way to escape the madness and tune into self.

The drum is a great healer and instrument of peace and unity.  It gives people a place to belong and the sound soothes your Soul.

Arriving in Petaluma we called by our friends houseboat.  He picked us up on the dock to go up river to his houseboat.

Getting to Js boat involves getting into his little row boat with a 2 stroke outboard motor and going river to his sturdy steel and concrete houseboat.  She needs a lot of work but he has big plans for her and time to work them out.

We met J yesterday when we took Zola for a walk by the river to a spot we had not yet been to.  We remembered Steve telling us that Friends of the River have a boathouse along the river.  On Sundays between 10 and 2 you can take out kayaks, for FREE!

We decided to see if we could see the boathouse.  It was here that we met Steve and J sitting in the afternoon shade of the big boathouse, lots of exciting smells for Zola and a warm welcome for us.

We soon loaded Zola onto the little boat and zipped upriver to haul her off the little boat onto the big boat.  She was happy to be on sturdier ground on the houseboat and promptly fell asleep as we chatted and got to know the newest of our Petaluma friends.

Coming back to the dock early evening every sense and sound was delicious.  The warm evening sun shone on the water, golden hues across the field staggered with dark yet warm shadows.  We passed houseboats and warehouses, along with high end desirable living (lofts on the water) on one side and open field on the other.

Walking back along the riverside gravel path, J with us to come by the house to shower (doesnt have one on the boat yet) before heading to the drum circle at our local café.

It just shows when you weather a storm, turn a corner, have a change in your state of mind, you never know what gifts are in store for you.  When you count your Blessing instead of concentrating on the whats not, you life becomes instantly richer.  And there is nothing like sharing with community to make it extra special.

And here we are, part of the community and creating community.  

How have you contributed to your community recently or how have you benefited from community?  We would love to know.

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