Can’t cook? No worries, try this step by step simple and delicious Stir Fry.

One of the hardest things for me in trying to be healthier was what to eat. I was more than familiar with what I should NOT eat, the only problem was, as a fussy and picky eater, it seemed the only food I liked was the food I was not supposed to eat. Ugh, even just typing the words, supposed to, makes my skin crawl. I always want to do what I am not supposed to do, it’s like it’s wired in my DNA, and the pursuit of pleasure through food, is no exception, at least in my case (and those that I work with, I know I am not alone here, I thought I was for a long time, and then I found the secret society of people like me, we are everywhere!).

I was a meat eater who had never had any vegetarian friends, I knew what they did not eat but when it came to that vegan crowd, I was clueless. Coming from England, I was a meat and potatoes kind of girl (but please whole potatoes only, no creamy or mashed tatters on my plate-I told you I am picky!). Take out eggs and cheese and I was lost. I practically subsisted on take out at work and occasional omelettes at home. Eggs, cheese and mushrooms could sometimes be found sitting in the fridge, next to the wines and Spirits that wouldn’t fit into the freezer.

As so often happens, when I made a decision to eat a vegan diet in my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, a teacher appeared! At the time I was taking my yoga classes at the Ashram in the Haight, it doesn’t get much more quintessential San Francisco than that. One of the yogis there and I started a Friday trade before I took his class. He would come over to my apartment and we would walk out to the organic grocery store-even that in itself was novel for me at the time, I had come from a life where I didn’t have time to cook, let alone stroll to the store some 15 minutes each way, to go and get fresh vegetables, but that was my new life.

Once home we would prep some of the veggies and talk about what we were cooking that day. And then I would give him a Reiki treatment before we both cooked lunch and talked. I cannot think of any point in my life that I had that much space. I was learning that time, like sex, is so much better when it is savored!

The brilliant thing is, it’s a super simple and very flexible recipe, once you get familiar with the order to cook the veggies in and how to make a simple homemade sauce (skip those high sodium, MSG, GMO, chemical store bought sauces), you will be amazed at what you can whip together from the bottom of the fridge.

We don’t all know what to do even when we decide we want to do it. Cooking is no different, you don’t know until you know, but once you know, knowledge is power and life takes on a different hue.

Come and join me in the video below where I take you through the whole cooking process, without editing, so you can see how simple it is when you get the hang of it. Oh and did I mention tasty?

Check the video for the step by step, and you will find the list of ingredients in the description below the video when you click through on YouTube.

I really hope this video helps you see that it is a simple process that can be used myriad ways, change up the vegetables and eat seasonal veggies, swap out the sauces, use different grains and rices, add noodles instead of rice, and we could go on but I will let you explore with this one, I will be back with more food for everyday people recipes and how tos.

Until then I would love to hear from you, what are your biggest challenges when it comes to food? Are you like me, wanting to make change but don’t know how? Do you think you can’t cook, or don’t know how? No worries if that is the case, stick with me and you will soon be tapping into you kitchen ninja skills. Just like the yoga, it is all inside of you, you don’t know until you know, and together you will soon know!

As always it is truly my pleasure to share a little kitchen magik with you. Life is a long learning curve, what we don’t know we can learn, and it’s often not as hard as we might think-this quick dish is a great example of that.

Sending bucket of love me, may we all have access to fresh, bountiful, health giving food.

Sat nam

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