Celebrate the Small Victories and the Big Ones Will Take Care of Themselves


My grandmother, whom I called Mama, always used to tell us, "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves." Mama was a wise woman in many ways.

In life and business we can get stuck on getting to the big one, the big thing that we feel we need to move forward. Trouble is that this big thing can often seem daunting and we don't even get started because we don't know where to begin or feel we don't have the time and/or resources to get it done.

"Every 1000 mile journey begins with the first step." Lao Tzu

When we look at our big goals and break them down or "chunk" them as many people say we not only set ourselves up for success but we also set the path to celebrate each step of the process rather than get stuck on the end result.

What have you been thinking about or even planning yet not doing? It could be in your personal agreements with yourself, your business, your relationships or any area of your life?

It is easy to sit and think about what we could do and even to start planning how to do it. The real work however begins when we start to do it. Imperfect action is better than stagnation. Within action, even imperfect action, we create momentum and movement. And within momentum and movement we create opportunity.

So stop thinking about the 1000 miles you need to cover or the big money you need or want o make and start by taking the first step. When you have one you can create two, and then three and four and so on, but none of them can happen with the first "one."

And when you do take that first step don't get caught up on how many more you need to take, celebrate the fact that you took action, you took the first step.

In her book "Bird by Bird," Anne Lamott tells the story of her brother struggling to do his homework. He had left it until the night before and had to catalogue a large number of birds. His father saw his struggle and asked him what was going on. The son replied that he had so much to do and needed to categorize "all these birds." Tenderly his father told him, "Bird by bird son, bird by bird."

What one action can you take today that would take you or your business forward and create the stage for step two, three, four and so on? I invite you to "do it" and celebrate the small victory in doing so.