Client Attraction: Walk Your Talk

You know it but do you do it?

Have you ever found yourself going through something that is causing you pain and then realize that you know how to ease that pain.  Indeed, that is what you help your clients with every day. Yet here you are laying in suffering that for another you would know what to do.

It is the classic, “Healer, heal thyself” scenario.

Or the one where the husband is a plumber yet the toilet has needed fixing for 6 months.  You are so busy working on every one else that your own work does not get done.

When clients are looking for someone to work with they are looking at how you conduct yourself as the expert in your own life.  So for maximum client attraction, that comes seemingly by magic, starts with walking your talk.

Where do you stand on the scale of 1-10 in walking your talk?

I know for me the scale wavers, generally dependent on how I am relating to the world around me at the time.  When I am in balance the scale is higher, when I am hit by a curve ball it may drop a little.

I believe the secret is in balance, as in most things.  It is ok to swing a little on the pendulum, there are no flatlines in life.  It is the amount in which the pendulum swings, and the quadrant that it is in that matter.

Life will deliver highs and lows and it is as important not to become attached to the highs as it is not to dwell in the valleys.

Try this exercise, speak to yourself as you would a new client.  Do the intake however you do it with a client.  Then see what you would tell that client, are you doing those things in your life?

Chances are whatever challenges you are facing in walking your talk, your clients are too, so it is all great research for your mission.

So where do you fall on the scale, how do you keep yourself motivated to do what you need to do to prosper in your daily life?  I would love to know.