Do You and/or Your Business Need Savasana?

Sometimes in order to do something, we need to do nothing!

Huh? I hear you ask, probably tilting your head and wondering if I am "off my rocker." Well, yes I am off my rocker but that is beside the point.

Let's think about Savasana, or corpse pose. Savasana is a posture, it is part of yoga, it is not just "a rest." Often referred to as corpse pose, it is generally done laying on the back, heels together, feet flopping out, arms down by the side, palms facing up. Fully supported by the earth beneath the body it is the most vulnerable of all of all postures.

It allows the body to "let go" literally and figuratively. It also allows for the letting go of the old and allowing in the new. It is without doubt one of the most important postures in a yoga kriya, or set. For without integration what do we have but a bunch of activity, and we generally call that aerobics. (No I am not bashing aerobics, but when we practice yoga we want to reap the benefits of yoga, when we want aerobics we want to reap the benefits of aerobics.)

In yoga postures are interweaved with short periods of savasana and end with a longer and deeper savasana. It is the not only the most effective posture but also the most delicious. Having stimulated body, mind and spirit in a vigorous kriya, savasana is like being nestled in a loved one's arms.

When teaching yoga I always explain it to my students in this way: during the poses the body is not only undergoing physical but also physiological changes. Imagine the body as a snow globe. Every posture shakes up the snow globe. Brief periods of savasana allow the "snow" to settle and the image in the center to be seen again. Then the globe is shaken again and allowed to settle.

Same with the body, yoga postures shake us up on a cellular and physiological level. Savasana, even brief, allows the body to settle and integrate. Final savasana, with eyes closed allows deep integration of the work that has been done. It allows the body to fully integrate all the changes that have occurred and to "feel" the experience on a deep level.

Now let's think about savasana for our business. Do you find yourself jumping from one project to the next, in a constant state of "doing" and "achieving?"

Of course as entrepreneurs, our businesses need our attention, sometimes more than others. But consider this, when we push and push, and do and do, without time to reflect and celebrate the small victories, are we really being of service to our business or are doing ourselves, and our business (and probably those around us) a disservice?

It all boils down to diminishing ROI (Rate if Investment). As business owners time is money so when we start taking more time to do less we are diminishing our ROI. Sometimes a short break will do the trick such as sitting on the grass for lunch, going to the coffeeshop for a chat and your favorite drink, going for a walk, just something.

Other times a longer break is needed, a day in nature, a weekend away. This allows the body to press the reset button, integrate the changes, challenges and triumphs AND be open and receptive to downloads that could take your business to the next level.

And remember it allows us to "let go of the old and allow in the new," what's not to love about that?

So I ask you again, do you or your business need savasana?