I miss myself, my friend said. It got me thinking, do you miss yourself as well?

Sat nam my love

I was on the phone to a friend a while ago, and during our conversation she said, “I miss myself”. It was as if her words hung in the air long after they were spoken. I reached for my notebook and wrote down the words, Do you miss yourself?

It got me to thinking about my own life when I felt like I had planned to be where I found myself, yet in getting there it became evident that I was not there, I didn’t know where I was, or who I was.

Turns out this “knowing that you don’t know” can be the first step in the healing journey. Once you realize you are missing you can start finding yourself in the nooks and crannies of your life. It all starts with knowing something is missing, only then can you can start to look for it. And we will talk more about that as well, but for now do you have a little (or big) piece of you missing? It all starts there.

In my humble opinion, the greatest step we can take is the one that leads us back to our very self, the self that we have often run away from, the self that we have covered with accomplishments and masks that now begs to be seen. I would love to hear your thoughts, is there a part of you yearning to be whole?

Sending you lots of love from me, thank you for stopping by.

All love
Sat nam