Do you need to “manana that shit” baby?

Sat nam my love

I’m usually here with positivity galore, messages of just do it and be love all the way. And while these are my core values, I am a human being feeling my way on the planet, just like you, and life happens. Not always the way we want or choose. Sometimes it confronts us with ourselves so up close and personal it can be tempting to run away, if not physically, then via food, drugs, overwork, alcohol and whatever else we can hide our feelings in and under.

In the past I have always pushed through and been strong. But F*ck that shit. I am tired of that and I bet you are as well. The list of shoulds that just bring you down. Scrap it. We can’t always cancel everything we don’t want to do but we often have more control and choice than we would like to give ourselves credit for. And by the same token, we often carry around all our troubles, all of the time, giving ourselves more to worry about. Sometimes the middle way is to simply manana that shit.

Join me as I share how a trip to Mexico 16 years ago first introduced the concept of “manana-ing” that shit, and yes I totally made that word up both as a noun and verb, feel free to use it!

I’d love to know how you deal with the curve balls and whether you manana your shit or are still trying to push through it. If you are a pusher, like I used to be, try doing it one day a week where you do the things you feel or want to do, and don’t do what you don’t want or feel like doing, You never know, like me, you might get to like it and even feel better than ever in the process.

Sending you lots of love from me to you.

Sat nam

  1. OriginalSusie says:

    I am SO vibin’ with you! Just this morning I made the decision to let go oh some of the ‘shoulds – realizing they were weighing me down with stress and anxiety which was not serving me – though the decision was hard, it was so freeing to know I did what was best for ME and THAT is the BEST choice!! To concerns I say – ‘see ya manana!’ 😉
    You are fabulous!!! Thank you doll xxoo

    • Shiv says:

      Nice one darling, eff those shoulds and say hello life. Choosing you can be the hardest choice for sure, but always pays off big time, so glad you’re getting the pay off. Sending you love as we transition to a new year, big hugs, Shiv