Does the world know who you are?

There is so much I could share about this precious quote that has been tucked into a fold in my heart since 2001.

At the time I first read it, my life felt far from blissful, bountiful, or beautiful. As for being me, who else could I be?

Ha, I have to laugh at that last part, turns out I was being everyone but me.  Can you relate?

I was constantly trying to fit in yet always feeling like I didn’t belong. How many times a day do you try to “fit in” so you don’t stand out? What people and situations make you feel most you, you know, the version of you that doesn’t have to try but just be?  Have you met that part of you?

In a world that is constantly bombarding us with messages of not being enough, this quote gently reminds me that I am blissful, beautiful and bountiful, and so are you.

I’m going to let the words speak, no need me for me to ramble on in my usual fashion.

Let the words wash over and though you.  Perhaps, like me, you don’t feel any of these things (yet), but maybe, like me, you will, give it some time and patience.

This journey called life can be such a precarious one, it’s so easy to get caught up in the external drama that we forget our essential nature as a spiritual being here for a human experience.

How many ways can you go about your life and be more you?  Go out there today and let the world see all of your blissful, bountiful and beautiful self.

Always in love, I will be back tomorrow (we are getting on a roll with this daily challenge :)).

Sat nam