facing the fear of the unknown. Lessons from pain, and how meditation has become the anchor for my fear

Nothing gets fear rising up like the unknown. It can paralyze and keep you stuck in a blanket of fear. It becomes like the proverbial glass, it neither matters whether it is half full or empty but we’ll get to that in the video.

Join me in the orchard an hour after going to a Doctor’s appointment that had me a little more anxious than usual. What’s been interesting is how my 18 year meditation practice has become my anchor in times like this.

One thing I know for sure is that fear thrives in the dark, so let’s bring some light into the its halls so we can move forward and create the life and world you want.

I’d love to hear how you throw off the blanket of fear, so you can shine.

Always in love,

  1. Liana says:

    Thank you for sharing your life lessons. I never truly understood how you can put the glass down. The third option was nothing new to me but the putting it in practice… Never knew how until now.
    Meditation and Kundalini are the best medicine one can get. They save lives, literally. Doctors begin more and more to recognize their benefits and study them objectively searching for proof.
    It makes my heart warm.
    As for the reading glasses, my mom got a pair too a few years back. She looks better with them. It gives her an air of wisdom. I also have friends that have those. They might feel weird to you because you never had them, but they’re an upgrade to your looks.
    Finger crossed for you. Get better soon. It was an interesting talk, a pitty I couldn’t hear the end.
    Take care Mother Hen! 💗
    Sat Nam!

    • Shiv says:

      Sat nam dear one, just getting to see the comments, LOL, didn’t know they were back here. Yes it is (in my opinion) lifelong practice to put the glass down, much easier to say than do, but with practice we get a glimpse of how it might be and a chance to breathe in the spaces between the stresses. And yes, Kundalini and Meditation are lifesavers for me, and yes science is catching that these ancient tools are good tools for modern times. Everything has its place. Ahh yes the reading glasses, just another rite of passage, I love the story about your mum and I love you-very very much, with love Bright Star, always in all ways, Sat nam Shiv