Failure at Work-you just can’t make this Sh*t up, Day 10 of 40

Life can be sweetly ironic, and when it is you just have to smile, or at least I do.  Earlier today we were giving a workshop called Lessons from Fear: Never Let Failure Stop You Again at Work, Petaluma, a local co-working space that I recently joined. (You can find Part II here-it just had a blip in wifi).

We had a blast getting down and dirty with how fear and failure feel and the ways our lives can be run by fear. Of course by the end of the hour everyone was ready to look fear squarely in the eyes and to use it as their sword and not their shield.

We even did a Live Stream on YouTube so you too can take part in the one hour discussion on fear and failure, a topic that spurred some great discussion among the live participants.

So everything so far was super smooth.  Then as we were driving home one of the members present at the workshop called to say she was trying to register for Get Your Happy Back Reset for Body, Mind + Spirit, and the coupon wasn’t working-OMG can you say FAILURE AT WORK!

Now there has been a time when my own fear of rejection would have had me having a conniption fit, but here’s one of the root truths about failure, it’s gonna happen, sh*t is gonna go wrong. Why struggle when it does, why not be like water and flow, or like the willow and bend, we don’t have to be so rigid we snap.

Ha, that lesson has been a lifetime in the making for me, and continues to give me plenty of practice, sometimes I do better than others.  That’s why it’s called a practice. Today, I thanked the person for their call, letting them know we would look at it when got home after picking up some (well earned) sushi in Sebastopol (OMG can you say fat avocado rolls topped with pumpkin tempura and a creamy spicy sauce-but I digress).

I got the coupon code sorted out when I got home, called back the lovely Soul that was wanting to join and got her all signed up and in the Private FaceBook Group. all was well. I sent an email out to the group letting them know the coupon was active again, another registration came in-it’s all good, the world is still spinning.

Now don’t get me wrong, I much prefer when it’s seamless and everything goes smooth. I mean, don’t we all?  But the greatest gift I have found can often be in the darker, not so pretty moments of our human-mess showing through. Yes it’s good to look “professional” but we are also human and it’s OK, most things will not be the end of the world.  Time to take the worry out of an already complicated existence.

Things will go wrong, they will fail as we make our way closer to success, but we can make it part of the process and not get our knickers in a twist.  And that is my life work, as I said some days I do it better than others, I am happy to say today was one of the better days.

It’s been a long and eventful day, my heart and soul are so happy right now as I type, nothing lights me up more than getting with people to talk about what matters to them. And today we got to do that, and along the way the failures kept it all real for us, we don’t avoid them, we celebrate. Cuz here’s the thing, you can’t fail if you are not doing.

So failure truly is one more step closer to success, I share a lot more about that in the class, do check it out if fear and failure are having you dance a not so merry dance in your life.

I am going to bed now day 10 of my 40 days of writing to you and it’s 11.53pm, I’m cutting it fine but once I press send here and I am truly done for the day, and as I mentioned it really had been one of those better days, actually it’s been frigging awesome.

I’d love to hear from you, how do fear and failure turn up in your life?

Right now I am pressing send and celebrating 10 days of posts, new members in our treasured Forever Family and a workshop that filled up my heart and soul.  A good day indeed, may yours be the same.

Failure is the next step to success and a powerful teacher.

Always in love, until tomorrow.

Sat nam