Getting the Conversation Started (The Podcast is Live!!!)

Whoo hoo we made it! Let’s all stop and take in this moment, I am. Seriously, this whole experience of launching our new One Woman Revolution Radio Show has been a practice in patience.

It is the Lunar Eclipse and after I type this Cemaaj will do his magik to release it. Our very first show. Out there for all to hear. The start of something very beautiful. And all happening on this Lunar Eclipse, now I am loving the timing, don’t you just love it when that happens?

I cannot tell you how long we have both wanted to launch a radio show-and of course the gremlins all came up-what have you got to say, who will listen blah blah-and time passed, but the yearning remained and here we are, publishing our very first show and you are here with us-thank you, thank you-we will never have this first time together again :). And it really means so much to us to have your support.

The show is called Getting The Conversation Started and in this first episode, our premiere I guess, we talk about the shows introduction “Your Guide to Bright Eyes, Energetic Days and Hot Sex.”. Yes these topics and many more are the ones we will be talking about.

It’s time to get the conversation started and boy oh boy are we ready (and terrified at the same time, you know me I’m not going to lie, it is terrifying to do something you’ve always wanted to do and then release it to the ether! But in my grit t I find my glory so off I go, time to get gritty :)).

I have also been recording journal entries from when I was an attorney in 1999 and screaming to get out of my life and body, along with poetry written after I first left. Coming up, we will be interviewing a diverse range of people and of course we will have fun along the way-and we do hope you will join us.

We expect to be clunky at first, the technology is a bit new to us but the conversation part is second nature, and that’s what we want this show to be about, as if you had the two of us in your living room or we bumped into in the supermarket and we just get the conversation started.

And of course if you are yearning to hear us talk about something do let us know. In the meantime enjoy this first episode, feel free to leave us some love below (and let usknow there are people out there in that ether :)).

Here’s to committing to always getting the conversation started and to creating a life with Bright Eyes, Energetic Days and lots of Hot Sex. Stay tuned for more and come and join the conversation on FaceBook at

Viva la Revolution!

Shiv and Cemaaj