Hmmm … What Is Life Without Challenges?

I know some use the word "problem" to describe their challenges but as one who really believes in the power of words, problem is a word I try to consciously delete from my vocabulary.

I prefer challenge to problem because within its meaning it implies that it is something that can be overcome, whereas a problem needs "solving" and no-one wants to have problems to solve all the time.  Challenges to overcome, that I can deal with it.  So challenges it is.

Recently I have decided to deal with my challenges in the same way I dealt with fear ten years ago (and ever since!), by confronting them.  By choosing my challenges rather than letting them choose me.

So that which challenges me now becomes a 30 day challenge.  it started with daily blogging for 30 days and I am now at day 55 or so, not a day missed and much learned.  Not to mention a blog with more entries than ever before.

This time it is video blogging.  I personally love watching videos to get information, it is within my learning style.  Much as I love the written word there is something that happens when you can put the words, the face and the body language, the overall "feel" of the person when you see them on video.  it is a way for the viewer to get to know them on different levels.

For the person in front of the camera video gives them a way to connect and to give a part of themselves that is not possible with a 3D image and audio.  It is fun to do and again just a different medium to not only mix it up a bit but to appeal to different learning styles.

We would also love to know what you prefer-written blogs, video blogs or a combination?

And don't forget to tell us how you deal with challenges.

Choose your challenges and turn them into triumphs€¦