I’m Late, I’m Late for a Very Important Date

With myself that it is. I have been busy re-writing my Speaker Sheet to send out and just realized that is 11.45pm and I haven't posted a blog entry today. The date btw is with myself to post a blog a day and I am taking it seriously!

So sometimes things don't quite happen as you would like or as planned, this is how it is tonight with the blog entry.

Only recently I posted a blog about commitment and honoring it. Well posting a blog a day in July was the commitment I chose to be accountable for this month.

So here I am, a race against the clock which is now showing 11.48pm.

Of course no-one is going to fine or punish me for publishing a little late, I even doubt anyone cares-but I do because I made an agreement with myself and a commitment to honor that agreement.

As I said before it is much easier to break the agreements we make with ourselves than with others. When we do so we open ourselves up to our Gremlin Gatekeepers (GGs)who will rapidly start the self sabotage talk within our crazy little minds, saying things like:

"Ha knew you wouldn't do it"

"You always do this, you never follow through, there's always an excuse"

Blah blah, I am sure you get my drift.

Well not tonight, we are more than half way through this challenge and I am not about to let GGs start talking me down.

So here I am, honoring myself and the commitment I made to all of you.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes lest you feel slighted by this quick blog entry:

"Wisdom tells me I am nothing, Love tells me I am everything, Between the two my life flows" Old Indian Master

Thank you for stopping by, back to regular scheduling tomorrow I promise, but for now celebrate with me on not breaking my commitment, it is 11.55 and this will be published by the magik hour.