Inspired Action

When did you last take Inspired Action?

The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own. Disraeli

Inspiration is a quiet spark that flies unseen from the fire of one into the fire of another.  It is not quantifiable yet its power is unbridled.

The dark corridors of my life were always strategically strewn with sparks of inspiration.  There is no feeling like catching a spark.

Who knew that as I embarked a personal challenge, to video blog, that in doing so I would inspire others to face their challenges toward video blogging.

Within a couple of hours of posting my first video blog, three videos had been made and more were promised, all because they saw that I did it and they could too.  They caught a spark from the fire that I had ignited within me by taking on my own challenge.

Add “inspiring others” to the list of benefits of challenges.  Imagine how many people we inspire every time we do something that they too have been yearning to do, yet so far unable?

And I agree with Disraeli, sharing riches is easy if you have riches to share, but to reveal your own riches, now that is priceless.  The more we can share the human-ness of this journey, in all its glory and pain, the more we can show not only our triumphs but also our tumbles, the more we empower others to take the first step.

And every revolution started with the first step.

Within Revolution is Evolution, when you take that first step, or inspire another to take that first step, Evolution happens.  Shifts start happening.  Movements gain momentum.

Inspiration is a powerful weapon, it can save and change lives, it can light a dead fire, and it always keeps you warm in the darkest corners of your life.  Of course when life is good, inspiration is like sunshine kissing your skin, below big blue skies, with grass beneath your feet, it is that good.

I would love to hear your stories of inspiration, were you the one inspiring or the inspired?  How did that feel?  What happened after your fire was sparked?

Tonight I am so very grateful to be a spark to others, I am grateful for all the sparks I have received, and I know the fires will keep coming.

Take inspired action and ignite the fire of inspiration today and every day.

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