Jealousy-Could She Really Be Your New Best Friend?


Hmmmmm….jealousy is one of those things that we don’t like to talk about, unless it’s to point out the green eyed monster in someone else.  No-one (including me, trust me, I have been there), wants to fess up that they are jealous of another.

One day it got me thinking about how we might transform or transmute the energy around jealousy into something more positive.  Postivie you might ask, how can being jealous be positive?

Well what if your jealousy is trying to tell you something?  What if she could be the motivation for something much bigger? Yes, you note I call her "she" for she is part of you!

In the video I share how I recently felt a pang of jealousy and how it caused me to look a little deeper to see what it all meant.

Check it out to see how to transform the “green eyed monster” into your “green eyed goddess” that can propel you forward.


So, have you felt a stab of jealousy recently?  

How does that make you feel?  And now, if you take a step back and look at it differently what is it telling you?

Do share how you deal with jealousy and how it might be different if you look at her as your new BFF. And of course if you liked this video I would love for you to share the love with your friends, because we all deserve to have a new BFF!

Now go give that green eyed goddess in your life a big hug and resolve to walk a different path with her in the future, you will be amazed where she will take you.

Don't forget to share your tales with us below, you know we lurve the love.


Live. Love. Be Loved.


Your Self Care Angel