Letting Go, A Week in Review

The week that started off with a broken heart€¦

There is something amazing that can come out of a tail spin on our journey.  It's almost as if the Universe is shaking up our snow globe of life to rearrange the pieces and give a different perspective.  There's nothing like being down on your knees to create change.  

This time last week I was crying (and that went on for three days) and spending as much time with Prince as I could.  By Monday we knew he would be leaving us Tuesday and the appointment with the vet was made. 

I dropped my to-do list and spent time with him in the field.  Sometimes just sitting there holding the space for him, and other times grooming him to make him feel pretty.  I gave him permission to leave and let him know what a gift and blessing he was to me.  We had become good friends in the last 2 months.

On Tuesday morning I once again groomed him and let him know how loved he was.  The energy on the farm was sacred.  One of the peacocks fanned his tail and made the shsshshshshsh noise feet away from Prince and myself.  The geese and guinea fowl looked on, the hens and peacocks came into his field, and the mares lined up at their gate.  Four heads looking toward Prince and me.

Shiv and Prince, days before he left us€¦what an amazing Spirit and teacher he was for me

It was the saddest and sweetest day.  Prince looked amazing, belying his heart murmur that was causing him to get dizzy and spend longer periods of time laying in the field.  At any time his heart could have exploded.  It was only fair to let him go.

An hour later his field was empty and he was gone.

I thought my heart was going to break.  We could see him in his field from our kitchen window and office window.  I found myself not wanting to be in those rooms.  I pass his big lock of mane on the shrine and can barely believe that is all we have left of him.  Typing this post and the tears come raining down again.

Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be very busy days and by Thursday evening I had my tail spin.  I wanted the world to stop, I wanted to get off!

Wednesday night we picked up our favorite dog, Zola for a 5 day stay (she is curled up next to me as I type.)  Her visit has filled me with love at a very sad time, the timing could not have been more perfect.  She has loved being at the farm and trying to get the mares to play with her!

As you know I took a personal day Friday and again Saturday.  Guess what?  I took another day today.  I realized that though I felt better on Friday and even better in Saturday I still needed time.

Today (Sunday) turned out to be another fab day, really amazing, tune in tomorrow for deets of the day.

And here I am a week later and feeling like I have weathered the eye of the storm and turned yet another corner on the path of life.  I have survived, I have counted my Blessings and I have regained my balance because I took time for myself.

Today was such a magikal day but again I will leave that for tomorrow's post.

And during the tough times I reminded myself of my mantra for the last 10 years, "I am where I need to be in order to go where I need to go."  How about you, are you where you need to be in order to go where you need to go or have you taken a detour or been distracted and need to get back on track?  I would love to know.

Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=659