To make your feet want to dance, an invitation to love, no online profile required!

I want to make your feet want to dance
to make your heart skip a beat
put the twinkle in your eye
and the spring in your step

I want to be the fresh towel wrapped
around you after a long soak
to be the honey in your tea
and the chocolate on your pillow

I want to be able to see through your eyes
and you through mine
to share our thoughts
never agreeing unless it is so

I want to be your sunshine
on a gray cloudy day
I want to stand next to you
on a windy hilltop
enjoying the view

I remember the moment this poem tumbled out of me, dedicated to Cemaaj of course, a love that couldn’t be at the time, a time of hearts breaking and opening, harder and wider than one thought possible. And here we are, 14 years later, we are together, we transcended the storms and now we get to stand on our windy hilltop and enjoy the view.

Like life, it was not an easy, or even direct, path to get to this place. There were no guarantees when I took the word of my mentor, Goyo, to love Cemaaj unconditionally. In my interpretation this was to love him no matter whether the love was, or could be, returned.

I made a vow to love Cemaaj, even though he was not at that time available to love me back, indeed it would take us six years to get together. Six long, tear stained, heart opening years. And it was worth every tumble and scrape along the way.

Love is the way, we don’t need to look for love, we are love, we just need to remember who we are and know that even with the biggest and brightest love, no-one can light us up quite like we can from the inside once we know where to flip our inner switch. I had inner work to do, and I am sure Cemaaj did as well, so that six years of waiting got us both ready to stand together in love.

I still shake my head that I have this kind of love, riches and outward success I have had and even expected, but a love for self and another, that runs so deep and intimate, where I can truly be myself and be loved all the more for it, well that’s truly a gift worth rising from the fire for.

What if you truly are where you need to go in order to go where you  are going? This has been my guiding mantra/question for over 16 years. In the darkest times, I have reminded myself that this is part of the journey, the pain of shedding expectations is often rewarded with riches on the other side. 

We are often asked what we think our secret is. Waiting, even if it was enforced, was key. I see people racing into relationships that look great in the first rays of newness only to wear through to the daily reality of a drudgery they didn’t sign up for and no way out.

Love can wait, the question is can you?

If you are lonely and looking for love, try looking inside. When the fire of love starts there, others will want to come and warm themselves, you won’t need to look for love, you will have lit your own beacon. Doesn’t that sound more doable than all the online profiles, pub crawls and lists of things you think your partner should have? Who cares how tall they are, or how much money they earn, or what their long term prospects are? What about how they make you feel and how you make them feel? What about how the two of you leave a mark on the world when you are out there? What if all of it is inside of you, that no matter what awaits you on the outside, until you crack the code on the inside you won’t have access to the love that is waiting for you?

As the dear poet Rumin so wisely shared:

Now it’s your turn, where are you on the love track-making it home to you or looking outside for the love that’s waiting for you inside?

Wherever you are, the smallest acts of self-love will always take you one step closer to home, the epicenter of it all, YOU! You are stronger than you know and mightier than you think.

Alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more. May all beings be surrounded in love and be love.

Sat nam

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