Making a Commitment and Sticking To It Feels Good

Woo hoo my first audio post. Will have to play with the sound as it seems a little quiet but like I said yesterday taking "imperfect action is better than stagnation."

It has been a long day and I wanted to get my my last blog post in for The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I have loved every day and my blog now has 30 more entries, a comments box, images and for the finale this recording.

It may not be perfect but I am am celebrating the small victory of getting off my a$$ and learning things that I put off because I felt I did not know how, and let me tell it feels GOOD.

I made a commitment and I stuck to it. Now to start the next one and continue daily blogging through August, and yes, there will be more audio and I will work on the sound.

Ahhh the journey of life, there is always something to do, but all it takes is the first step.

What can you do today that you have been putting off and how will that feel for you when you take the first step?

I would love to know and once you declare it we wil hold open the space for you to do exactly when you commit to do, commitment feels good but not as good as carrying out the commitment feels. Join me and let's take the first step together.

I can go to sleep proud of myself, can you say the same thing?