Making Love Last, Episode 2: Time to “Ditch”€ the Other Half Syndrome

Continuing with last week’s theme, today’s video is all about the “Other Half Syndrome.”

So many of us are wandering round the planet looking for love. After all love is the warm blanket that keeps us warm on dark, cold nights. There is nothing wrong, in fact there is everything right, about wanting love in our lives.

The challenge comes in the WAY we seek it. We look for it, rather than feel it.

Perhaps you have been called someone’s other half, or maybe you are looking for your other half.

NEWSFLASH: You are WHOLE, no-one but you can complete you.

But I don’t feel whole, I hear you say.

I understand, we are not raised in society to feel whole and perfect the way we are, but once we realize that we are, life changes.

However, if we keep doing the same thing we will keep getting the same result.

So why not try something different? Instead of looking for someone to complete you , look within and see that you are complete.

Remember, two halves make a whole, two wholes make a pair.

Quit running around as a half looking for their other half, become a whole and find another whole.

So tell me, are you a half looking for a whole, or a half working on making YOUrself whole, or are you whole? I would love to know.

Live. Love. Be Loved.