Making Love That Lasts – Dealing With Overwhelm

Hello my dear ones.

What do you do when Overwhelm looms on your horizon?

In the 3rd episode of our Making Love that Lasts Series we talk about how to deal with overwhelm.

This could be in your business, your personal life or any other area that can get you frazzled.

You know the feeling, you want and need to get things done, perhaps you have even planned out how and when to get it all done.

And BAM!!! Overwhelm hits up upside your head. Plans goes awry, others get into the mix, perhaps people “steal” your time (more on that one in later posts, this is a HUGE topic!) or maybe you wake up in a funk and just can’t get going on your list.

First-BREATHE. I know it sounds too easy, almost trite right? But amazing things happen when we sit and consciously breathe, more oxygen to the blood and brain, calming to the nervous system.

Next-TAKE TIME FOR YOU…yes I said it. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the to do list and get a different perspective. It’s like being in the middle of the woods and not being able to see all the trees, the minute you walk out of the woods you can see the bigger picture.

In the Piscean age we were conditioned to push through, those that do are made of steel and succeed. But we are entering the Age of Aquarius, where experience, not information, is Queen.

And if we allow our bodies to be overtaken by overwhelm we do not leave space to allow the creativity to flow.

It all comes down to putting on YOUR oxygen mask FIRST before helping someone else.

I know we are conditioned to feel guilty for taking “me time,” yet when we don’t we are showing up as our “not so nice” selves and that does not serve anyone.

We truly believe you should feel guilty for NOT taking “me time,” after all that is when you are at your shiniest and brightest self, you were born to shine and you cannot do this if you are not taking of YOU.

So, what do you do when overwhelm smacks you upside your head? Do you get buried in all that you need to do without taking care of yourself? Or do you take a breather, change the scenery and come back to the list refreshed?

We would LOVE you to share your comments below and of course please feel free to send this video to your friends that may be in Overwhelm Overload.

Thank you for watching, we look forward to hearing your experiences.

Live, Love and Be Loved