Making Love That Lasts – It All Begins With You

Whoo hoo this is the first in a new series (yes we have a couple of series running, we are excited about sharing them).  This series is our Ode to Love.  

No matter what we do in life we are all wired to love and be loved.  Love is the greatest equalizer other than death, in love we all feel joy and hurt, no matter what our training and or social status.

In today’s video I share how the journey to love begins within.  How can another love us if we don’t first love ourself?  

And then when it comes to love we must love unconditionally, without attachment to a particular outcome.  It is amazing the shifts that can start to happen when we make this subtle shift.

How have you been showing up to love?  Are you receiving the love flowing into your life like a long lost friend whom you could not be happier to see, or as a disgruntled teenager who blames the world for his acne, or even a person so desperate no-one wants to be in the same area as you let alone hang out?

Check out the video where I share 2 lessons and 2 tips for Making Love that Lastsâ¦

ACTION TIP:  It’s great to know all this but what does it mean and what can YOU do today to start loving yourself better (in more ways than one btw!).

It all starts with E.O.S.C|ExtraOrdinary Self Care.  This weekend do something dedicated to YOU.  That may be a walk in the park, a muse around a bookstore or gallery, massage/mani/pedi, or a long bath with lots of bubbles, essential oils and candlesâ¦

One thing, do one thing this weekend for you own personal E.O.S.C Program because you deserve to be loved and you deserve to be loved by YOU, and when we love someone, we take care of them, so start taking care of you.

Every inch and every crevice of you is what makes you unique, start being kind to yourself from the inside out. Become a beacon of love and acceptance to yourself and watch the world mirror you back.

I am so passionate about you feeling the love you deserve, and would love for you to join us at

We are starting a dialogue there about love and will be having interviews and specials all to create more love and more understanding of love in the world.  

Shouting out to all the LOVERS in the world, do you hear me?

Thank you so much for watching and reading, do share with your friend if you know he or she is lost in love, and do let us know where you are in love?  What does love mean to you?

Live. Love. Be Loved.