Meet the Yoga that transformed my life. What could it do for you?

Have you been hearing about the power of Kundalini Yoga but not sure what it is? Perhaps you wonder how it is different to other yoga traditions? I hear you, the world of yoga has become as complicated as ordering coffee in the U.S., it seems. There are all kinds of traditions being practiced and it can get mighty confusing as to which one might be for you.

Think of yoga as a method of transport, there are many ways to get from A to B, just like there are many traditions (old and new) in yoga. Some forms of transport get you there quicker, but maybe you don’t see the scenery (think flying), while others are slower, and thus allow you to see the journey unfold (think driving). Then of course there is the slowest of all, walking, and myriad choices in between.

I’m going to mix my metaphors here and say, it’s horses for courses. Kundalini isn’t for everyone, everyone isn’t for Kundalini, but if it is, and you are, well there might just be a happy life waiting to breathed into.

As you will hear in my video interview with Spa It Girl in Australia, I attribute Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for the courage, stamina and vitality that found me shortly after I started practicing it. It was a swift and deep love affair from the very first time I combined my breath with my movement and felt the primal power inside of me stir, something I had never felt before. Shoot I didn’t even know i had primal power inside of me, let alone what it might mean, but there was no denying feeling it as it rose to greet me. That stirring was compelling enough for me to want more.

Within a week of my first practice on the sacred (now burned down) decks of Harbin Hot Springs, my home caught fire in the early hours of Saturday night with me in bed and burned to the ground. On Tuesday the World Trade Centers came down.

It was the “Stop the world I want to get off” event of my life. I couldn’t carry on doing what I was doing, I had a life to live. A mere 3 months later I walked out of my “dream life” as a corporate securities attorney. I had glimpsed in that looking glass and it gave me a distorted image. Who was I?

I wanted to see if I could co-create a “real life” for myself that I could feel good about. One that would finally have me sleeping through the night. Along with almost half the U.S. population I have problems sleeping. It’s been going on since I was old enough to remember! For a long time I was on prescription sleeping pills. Yes I used to pop the pills like candy, and you know I love candy, little addict that I am. But over the past 15 years my sleep has got better and better.

And I swear, for me, it started with Kundalini Yoga. From the first time I practiced, I had a visceral feeling of feeling better. Like any addict, and I am one addictive little being on the planet, it was compelling enough to want more and get it! Check out my interview with Spa It Girl for more on this amazing practice.

It’s been a long journey for me, 15 years and counting. Rising from the fire I saw that the destination is death-I laugh to think it was not part of my thought process at the time, I thought I would dies decades later not in my early 30’s. It was sobering and enlightening at the same time. I vowed to start enjoying the journey as we never know how far we are from our final destination. Along the way I have realized that every problem we have starts in body, mind and Spirit, and every solution lies there as well. Kundalini Yoga is one way to gain (quick) access to all 3 areas. And you get to feel good along the way, billy bonus as we used to say at home!

Yoga means to yoke, to join. In this sense yoga is the union of body, mind and Spirit. Kundalini Yoga is also known as the yoga of awareness, because that is what it does, among other things, it heightens our awareness of ourselves, of our inner workings, it balances the nervous systems so we can make better decisions and it helps us gain mastery of our minds so we can then do anything we set our mind to.

But don’t take my word for it. We can talk about the benefits til the cows come home, the only way you will know if this is an affair for you to remember is to sit and do some. I got you covered there as well, come on over to our YouTube Channel and take your pick of videos from 5-55 minutes. You don’t need to spend a┬áton of time on your mat to start reaping your rewards, yes you may want to increase in the future, but for now, know that time is not the important factor, doing it is! So start with something you can do, 10 minutes each time and start flexing your “I did it” muscles, that way you will be compelled to come back for more. It all starts with taking small steps, consistently, over time.

Is this your first time with Kundalini or have you been practicing for a while? How did Kundalini come into your life? Do share your tales below, our collective stories make the world go round.

All love to you.

See you on the other side.

Sat Nam

  1. Ann-Marie Mercon - Harjit Kaur says:

    My dear friend Chalyce has been involved in KY for ages. I did a little in L.A. with Guru Singh, but it didn’t “take”. Mostly I went for his lectures and that incredible gonging. Chalyce recently moved her family and her essential oil business ( from Denver to my town, Nokomis, FL (Sarasota County). Realigning herself, her family and her business in her new home has been a bit of a challenge. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been doing Youtube Kundalini Yoga, and have found your videos. We’re in love! Your sense of humor, your presence in the videos – we just love them! I especially love your 10 second warnings, which always come just as I’m about to give into my monkey mind and stop the pose. As for Kundalini Yoga, I think it’s “taking” this time. I’ve stripped out the spare, unused, bedroom and had the furniture toted off to a local thrift shop. We’re going to paint the walls a soft sage color, hang some inspirational art and banners, and get an inexpensive (I hope) laptop for the videos. There you have it! Our new yoga room! Not only a sacred space for our practice, but no more rearranging the living room furniture every morning. Wahe Guru!

    • Shiv says:

      Wahe Guru, this is wonderful news Harjit Kaur. Sometimes we are not ready and then we come back and the timing is perfect. What a beautiful investment in yourself to turn the spare room into a practice room. Kundalini changed my life for the better and gave me more courage, stamina and vitality, may it do the same for you. Thank you for stopping by to share your love, I am stoked you are enjoying the videos, it truly is my blessing to share them. All love to you, do let me know how your practice goes. All love, Sat nam, Shiv.

    • Shiv says:

      Sat Nam Harjit Kaur, Gosh how did I muss replying to this fab message from you. Hows the practice going? Do you have pics of your room? So happy you enjoy the videos, ha my warnings come from my own monkey mind as well, those monkey minds will have us doing all sorts! Sending you so much love and light, Keep up and be kept up as Yogi Bhajan always reminded us.
      All love to you
      Sat nam