Meet your new favorite, filling, fabulous salad with noodles (Vegan)

Salad may seem simple to some, but for me, it was quite the journey to find salad that 1) I like, 2) that fills me up, and 3) that I can stand to eat several days a week for more than a decade.

I am happy to say that after 17 years on the salad hunt, I have a few staples that fit the bill every time.  And I figured you might be in the same salad hunt, so of course I had to share.

Super simple to make, quick, minimal washing up and full on for taste and filling you up.  Eat with hot or cold noodles, the choice is yours.  I love the hot noodles with the cold salad, and they are great with a cabbage/kale salad, we will cover that one in another post.  We have lots to share.

All put together: fresh spring greens, cucumber. peppers, apple, avocado, dried cranberries, all dressed with spicy Thai dressing, with a side of hot noodles and topped with caramalized baked tofu.

Mix in a big bowl. with salad tongs, so you can get dressing on every little bit

One of my main tips for a bang up salad (and who wants a salad that is anything less than bang up?), is to make it in a big bowl and always use salad tongs to mix in the salad dressing, it makes ALL the difference.

Just look at those colors, eat the rainbow

Gather the greens and veggies you like, and have on hand.  Add herbs if you like in your salad, and tomatoes- it’s all about finding what YOU like.

Chop them mindfully, it can be a meditation if you let it.  Just let yourself be in the process of chopping veggies, when you’re chopping an onion, chop the onion, practice letting the world go while you chop, it can be a beautiful way to spend time.  And remember food nourishes, preparing food is always a good use of time.

Rich and creamy Spicy Thai Dressing

Another tip for a bang up salad is the dressing you use.  Forego the store bought brands that are full of sugar and too many ingredients, and learn to make some at home.  Try our favorite dressing, spicy Thai right here.  Or opt for a simple balsamic vinaigrette.

So you have your ingredients, a bowl and salad tongs, a bang up dressing and of course some protein is good, if you’re vegan try this caramelized tofu.

There’s no real formal recipe tonight. Take your greens, add your dressing, cook noodles according to package, drain noodles, serve salad, boom and EAT it my love, enjoy every mouthful.

I’d love to hear how it was for you, we really do love this salad, it’s our staple and I have it feeling after you try it, it might become yours as well.

The thing that we change when it’s just the two of us, is the tofu.  As I mentioned this one has some sugar (very little compared to what you would get from anything you bought, but enough that we don’t do it every meal) often we do a very simple baked tofu without the sauce, and just a drizzle of Braggs, don’t  worry I will share that (super simple) recipe with you soon.  But for now try this one for those times when you want some comfort without all the (usual) crap, this will do the trick, at least it does for me.  Do let me know how it hits the spot for you.

Well, that’s all for today, I will be back again tomorrow for my 40 days of writing, day by day, post by post they are clicking off, but more than that, I’m starting to look forward to coming in to share with you, I do hope you are enjoying the fruits of this challenge as much as me.

Toodles my love, alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more.

Always in love

Sat nam