Motivational Mondays – Creating a Life on YOUR Terms – Is Your Dream Waiting Around the Block?

have you ever noticed that once you notice something you see it all the time?  or you buy something, maybe a car or a stroller, that you never really noticed before but now you have one you notice them everywhere?

hence the saying:

“where energy goes. focus grows, results show”

in one of his programs, tony robbins talks about the color blue, look around the room he tells the audience for the color blue, then he asks them to name red items, their attention was so focused on finding blue objects and they did not notice the red ones.  

so what does this all have to do with YOU creating a life on YOUR terms?

well, if we get what we focus on why not focus on what we WANT to get before we get it?  and conversely, STOP focusing on what we DON’T want, after all where we focus, attention goes and results show.

it’s time to really think about what we do and don’t think about

in this video, my friend and braider, akiya of zanai’s Love of hair, tells her story of a missing piece of her dream life, dancing.  She hadnt thought about dancing for the last few years until a recent conversation with a friend. 

watch to see how it all unfolded after she turned her attention to wanting to dance again. imagine realizing your missing piece of your dream had been waiting around the block all this time?

so, what have YOU been thinking about doing but just haven’t taken the first step? can you imagine how it would feel to take that first step?  to enter into 2012 with a start date either under your belt or on the calendar?

take that first step now, and remember YOU get to orchestrate the first time how YOU want it, make it a pretty movie to watch in your memories!where will you start, we would love to know.

here’s to creating a life on YOUR terms

Shiv and Cemaaj

PS I just wanted to say hi from Cemaaj, though he seems very behind the scenes he is so present in everything we do, we are working on you seeing more of him in 2012, in the meantime unless it is an uber personal Shiv post, I will be signing off for us both, after all there is no The Cook & Butler without my Butler!