MovieStar! 2

My Life as a Movie, Part II

Scene:  After a sleepless night Shiv is in a dilemma whether or not to keep her agreement with herself to go to yoga€¦just as she decides not to go she finds herself leaving the house

20 minutes later I was running out of the house, towels in one hand and water bottles in the other, I kissed Cemaaj goodbye and walked out into the damp overcast morning that had yet to wake up.  As I walked across the grass between our gate and the gate by the truck, droplets of dew fell of leaves of grass as my flip flops parted them.

The birds were up and the horses, or rather Tzona, was grabbing the chain of the gate between her teeth and was frantically pulling it up and down, whilst intermittently banging the gate with her leg and the side of her body.

She makes out that she is hungry but she is built like a streamline tank which would indicate otherwise.  She was born on the farm and is 2.5 years old.  She is a beautiful young mare, a stocky Arab with all the grace of an Arab but a little more substance than the Arabs I was used to in England.

Tzona has the sweetest character and loves the company of humans.  Walk in the filed with her and she will follow you, her nose on your shoulder until you stop.  She has become my new best friend since Prince left.

I drove down the country lanes, passing chickens, lamas, sheep and lambs, cows and calves, and that was within the first ½ mile of my drive.  I like my mornings starting in nature, it makes such a difference to the traffic and sirens of the city.

Driving along the quiet country lane I almost talked myself into going for a chai and reading my book.  After all I was tired€¦I have heard this Gremlin Gatekeeper conversation before.  And for the most part I have let it get it's way.  But not today.  Chai was left, yoga was right, I took the right!

And guess what, yoga was right!  I walked in with no expectation of a spectacularly strong practice.  Today my practice was to just turn up on my mat.  And I did that.  The day was turning around after all.  Nothing like the glow of beating the Gremlin Gatekeeper at their own game!

I survived class and felt so much better afterwards, though tired!  I came home and Cemaaj and I left in the truck, from our cute farm, to drive the country lanes to the dock to pick up our friend J.

Coming home after laundry, the sun was setting across the fields near our home.  Laundry was put away, I lay on the bed writing this post, and Cemaaj finished up in the kitchen.  Now time for a movie on the laptop, and the hope of an intruder-less night now that Cemaaj has covered a hole we found.

End Scene

 Now I see all that happening through the lens of a movie camera.  Seeing three people, on a sunny Friday afternoon, laughing in a kitchen, in a farmhouse, who met less than a week away, exchange stories and experiences, laugh and empathize, all the time whilst yummy raw food is being created, is a scene I would want to be part of.

And I was.  When you see your life as a movie you see the detail of the beauty (or the depth of the pain) in your life.  Each of us has a movie, sometimes we need to step out of acting our lives and start directing and getting behind the camera, so we can really see the big picture.

If your life was a movie what would it be?  Happy, sad, triumphant, defeated, lost, found, exciting, mundane, scary or numb?

It is never too late to take your position behind the camera.  As you look through the camera take in the whole scene.  Recreate every detail in your mind.  The weather, the smell, the thoughts, the people, the location, the day, the feeling€¦as you rebuild the scene you realize that this is the stuff movies are made off.

Yes, you too are a M O V I E S T A R-the question is, are you ready to step a step into the director's chair?

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