My Life as a Movie

So I often think if my life as a movie.  It is a great way to be present and stay grateful for the small things and you know what they say:

Be grateful for the small things and you will have a lot to be grateful for!

I personally like being grateful, I may not know you but I bet you do too.  If you are here reading my words you too are a revolutionary.  I wonder what your movie would reveal about you?

Let me share my movie day with you.  Now before I do, realize that though movies have Hollywood moments they are built on the detail that is woven between.  Those tender moments that make you wish you were part of that scene.  The details between the appearance of what seems to be and what really is.

Lights, camera, action

Scene:  A day in the life of Shiv, just an ordinary sunny Friday afternoon at the farm in Petaluma.  We live here now, surrounded by peacocks, guinea fowl, all kinds of chickens and roosters, horses and geese. 

The teeny tiny house is small and self-enclosed in its own fenced private garden, which is also teeny tiny.  In a teeny tiny paddock next to the farmhouse is a newly built redwood office with lots of windows.

8.20pm and we are just home from doing laundry.  Whilst at the Laundromat I sat and read How Did I Get Here by Barbara Di Angelis, whilst the washers and dryers hummed a tribal beat in the background.

Meanwhile Cemaaj took J our friend back to the dock go back to his houseboat.  We picked up J at 1.15pm today to come over for lunch.  We sat in the teeny tiny kitchen at the table that just seats three but is difficult with 4.

Today there were three, we made it work!  Corn on the cob followed by straight spring mix (a really superior brand of organic greens that we just found, at almost a third of what we were paying) with spicy thai dressing, apples, avocados and celery.

Whilst we traded stories sprinkled with lots of laughter, with J, Cemaaj prepared the salad whilst I prepared the dressing, seven raw almond mylk smoothies, chocolate mousse, and mustard vinaigrette for a delivery and for our lunch tomorrow.  We are at a workshop all weekend so we like to make food to take.  That way we stay alert and feel good for the afternoon of the workshop.  We always travel with our cooler.

J sat and watched us work, at times all of us shouting to be heard above the vitamix.  It was the kind of lunch and afternoon that can have you sitting deep in gratitude for your circumstances in spite of the challenges it presents in turn.

The day started out better than anticipated.  After a sleepless night.  Ahum something was scratching at our floor, life on a farm is not all roses you know¦live things live out there and come out at night.  A whole different environment to that of the day, a whole different vibration. 

And sometimes it gets too close for comfort.  That was last night.  No sign this morning of anything inside the house, they must be underneath.  In 200 sq ft you are close to everywhere and it was loud.  Every 20 minutes we wove up, looked around, made a loud noise, grunted and got back into bed, exhausted and in a way horrified at the thought of intruders (yes, it helps me not to say the word out loud, I must prefer intruders or something, rather than being specific! 

After only sleeping for 2 hours I decided not to go to yoga.  I was tired after all, we had a friend coming for lunch, needed to prepare food for a client and ourselves.  Laundry needed doing for our workshop.  And I had a blog (or two if possible) to write.  I turned over and put my head back on the pillow after canceling my alarm.

I had every reason not to go to yoga.

Tune in tomorrow to see whether or not I kept my agreement with myself¦What do you do when situations like this arise?  Do you concentrate on the process or you visualize the results?

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