Niche Marketing vs. Marketing to Everyone

Finding your niche can be a challenge.  It can easy to think that the product or service we have would benefit everyone, that everyone needs what we have.

Passionate entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of having such a deep seated belief in the transformation that they offer that they believe everyone needs what they have.  Perhaps everyone does need it but not everyone wants it, need and want are the two sides of the marketing wheel.

In reality, the problem is that when you marketing to everyone, you actually market to no-one.

The people who need your service or product are looking for your product.  Trouble is when you try to market to everyone they probably won't find it where they are looking.

One of the main criteria for successful marketing is having a product that people both "want AND need."

Entrepreneurs can get caught up in the thinking that everyone needs what they have.  The trouble is that even though they may think everyone needs their product or service not everyone WANTS it.

Once you know what your niche is, you then have to find out who needs and wants what you have and then go to where they are looking for it.

Do you know where "your people" hang out?