On doing what I can, while I can, because I can-Lessons from pain. Come walk with me

This wasn’t how I planned today’s post, and ha there I go doing thing we all do, planning! It may not be the way I had planned-let’s see, I had planned to have today’s post done this morning and it is now 9 something in the evening, I didn’t know I would lying here on my heat pad, with my kidney aching…but here I am.

And I have my own word to keep, to come here and write an entry every day for 40 days. I think we are about half way through. Like most 40 day practices, it’s been a love/hate journey to this point. I often hate the process of having to do anything daily and love the result that my fingers get to tap the keyboard in a very imperfect way and I’m learning along the way.

But I digress, as I am prone to do, you may have noticed (smile).

Given my heat pad and little kidney asking for relief, I wanted to share this video that I recorded just minutes before my mild discomfort became more of an intense one and had me literally taking it step by step for the 20 minute walk back to the car-oh how quickly life can change but more of that in the video, it’s a lovely trail leading to the bridge across the river.

It’s easy to take the simple things for granted until they are taken away. I have had the blessing of almost dying once, and it leaves me with a taste for living, even with the slowest of steps :).  Of course thinking one way and living it, is a dance we all have to navigate,  I think of it as my “practice to put into practice my practice.”

How about you, do you savor those simple things or has life got you spinning too fast to notice?

As for me, I’m going back to my heat pad, and banking the “I did it” feeling-it might be a pain in the ass having to write every day but there is no better feeling than keeping an agreement with yourself, even a very simple one, even one that is not as perfect as you, or ok , me, might desire. There’s so much more power in imperfect action than in perfection waiting in the wings.

Where can you take another step to imperfect action right now?

Toodles my love, I will be back tomorrow, Universe willing.

Sat nam