Popping Your Cherry

We are getting into the swing of summer in our new cottage, and we are looking forward to a month with more time on the farm and less time on the road.

Which is good because we have much to accomplish over the next couple of months.  First a new website (can I hear a HELL YES! This was more than we thought it would be, but we are SOOO happy with the result).

Check this video that I made last December (hence the reference to The Cook & Butler) all about MY cherry being popped.

Along the way we are experiencing many “firsts.”  As you can probably appreciate these can stir the inner waters to produce gunk on the surface.  It’s a time that “stuff” comes up, we deal with it and grow, or we subdue, feel numb and stay stuck.

So this video is all about the first time, or “popping your cherry” as I like to call it.

When you are creating the events leading up to your first time think about how exactly you would you like to recall the event, in all its detail.  Create your “story’ today for your history tomorrow.

So my question today is do you have a cherry waiting to be popped?  Go do it. Just friggin do it and bask in the afterglow.  And do share, we love stories, especially cherry popping ones!

And remember, next time you are thinking about your first time, reframe it and know that you are popping a cherry!

Live. Love. Be Loved.

Your ExtraOrdinary Self-Care Angel