Power System

Let''s consider your Power Systems.

Yesterday my blog post was titled, Being in your Power.  So, let's continue with the power theme for a moment. We go through great lengths to make sure that all of our electronics are fully charged and ready to go for next day; fully powered. Hell, we would give them a blanket and a pillow if they required it. And the odds are that we probably never miss a day making sure their needs are meet.

Three hundred and sixty five days a year we consistently make sure our devices are ready to perform the task at hand. I mean really; the level of dedication that goes into the maintenance of our equipment is mind boggling. I guess everyone is following the Boy Scout motto of being prepared. Not wanting to run out of power.

But are we really prepared? Do we make sure that our personal batteries are fully charged each and every day?  Personally I do and I am blessed with not having an illness for the past ten years.

What about you? If you keep your personal power system fully charged share with me how you do it and if you don't I would like to know why not.

After all, we are not machines.



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