Oh yes you can have your chocolate and eat it. The most delicious and super simple silky raw, vegan, gluten free chocolate you can make. Meet Chill-It Chocolate, your new best friend.

Let’s face it, most of us like (ok I admit I LOVE LOVE LOVE) chocolate in one form or another. Yet so often it is the thing we are telling ourselves to go without. But such pleasure can be had from twirling around the divinely smooth chocolate in your mouth, melting and releasing a flavor that is intoxicating…or is that just me? I know I am not alone, and if you want chocolate that you can eat without feeling guilty and, even more importantly, without all the “crap” in chocolate on the shelf, read on, I got you covered my love. What good is life without chocolate? I say make chocolate not war!

The beauty of this Chill-It Chocolate is that it is stored (and eaten direct from) the freezer=hence its name, not to mention you too will “chill” when you taste it. Never has opening the freezer door for a treat been so guilt free, not to mention, delicious.

Now you might think it’s a complicated task to make chocolate, and it can be. I have made recipes where both the Vitamix and Cuisinart are needed, and if you have ever washed either of those after making chocolate, you will know it can become a labor of love.

Even better news is that making chocolate can also be simple, needing only a bowl, fork and a few simple ingredients. Whip them up together and voila, you have your chocolate base to make your favorite treats, nut butter cups, coconut divines and whatever other gourmet goodness you can come up with. With a good base like this, anything is possible. FULL TREAT AHEAD! (That actually made me laugh out loud, hopefully it makes you smile too, we can get too serious!).

The truth is, chocolate, like anything, in moderation, is not bad for you. Indeed some call it a superfood. I have been there, and maybe it is or it isn’t. nit one is for sure, if you are going to eat chocolate it needs to be in the most unadulterated form you can get it, and that means paying $5 for a small bar from the health store, or making a couple of trays at home. I vote for the latter, how about you?

BEFORE WE CONTINUE, KNOW THIS: Chocolate is a hard task mistress, beware her ONE rule: Keep your utensils, counter and bowls as dry as the dessert. she HATES water, and just the slightest drop will cause her to seize, you will know when she does-she will not longer be silky and shiny, but a little dull and sludgy. No bueno baby, Dry, dry, dry. You only have to seize your precious chocolate once (yes, been there, done that, one time only!). So with a dry kitchen let’s get on with making us some chocolate.

Here’s what you need:
Bowl (I like my stackable stainless steel bowls, they are light, stack inside one another and are super easy to clean, dry and store. You can see them in this video of our kitchen), a fork, chocolate molds (silicone works well and is easy to take out the chocolates and clean) or small foil or paper candy cups. along with the ingredients listed below.

1 c raw cacao powder, for the best experience put powder through a sifter
¼ c raw carob powder, optional but cuts and rounds out the bitterness of the cacao nicely
⅓ c raw cashew butter (or choice of nut butter)
½ c unrefined coconut oil, melted to liquid state-optional: add some cacao butter up to ½ c total
1 tsp vanilla extract or inside of 1 vanilla pod
1.4 tsp himalayan sea salt or salt of choice

Add all the ingredients into the bowl and start to mix it up, soon enough the mixture will become smoother, keep stirring until it is silky, shiny and smooth.

Your chocolate is now ready to use. Chill it in the freezer for 30 minutes to set and then transfer to a freezer proof container and enjoy reaching in for a treat you can feel good about.

Stay tuned in upcoming posts for some of my favorite treat recipes for filling and adding into this recipe. If you are making it ahead of time put it into a wide mouth mason jar and store in the fridge for longer than it will likely last. When you want to use it, simply place jar in a pan of hot water until melted.

The possibilities are endless, especially with the holiday season upon us. Make your favorite chocolate bark with the fixings you enjoy most, or make individual chocolate cups and patties with the filing of your choice. Coming soon nut butter cups and marzipan walnut delights. Stay tuned!I am love candies

In the meantime, I would love to hear your chocolate tales. Have you tried making your own chocolate? What’s your favorite filling?

As always, it is my pleasure to share the magik of these simple recipes that you can feel good about eating and whip up with minimal fuss while maintaining maximum taste. Who doesn’t want some of that chocolate?
Sending you buckets of love, I will be back soon with some stress busting tips to get you through the season now we have some Chill-It Chocolate in your reach anything is possible!

All love.

Sat nam.