Sabotage – Are You Doing an Inside Job?

Hello SuperSTARZ

How is your week shaping up?  I hope you are making the most of every precious moment, the advent of the end of January can be tough so take time to take care of you, from the inside out.

Talking of the inside!

Are you doing an inside job of stopping yourself in your tracks?

Every thought, no matter how small, is heard by all your cells, this is how they take in the world outside, from how you think.

So what are you telling your cells?

How could it be different if you changed the dialogue!how would you project out into the different with this different vibration?

How much more could the world love you if only you loved yourself more?

I have had this experience in yoga recently!one day I forgot my top.

Erika offered me one of hers, my firsr reaction was relief, my second was silent horror as she proudly pulled out two of the smallest bra tops, pretty!and pretty small.

I took a deep breath chose the one I liked most and put it on.

For the next 90 minutes I looked at my belly!my internal chatter started, focusing on said belly!but this time it was different, than ever before!

“You’re not so bad,” “You are quite creamy and soft,” “I’m in the front yoga of yoga, holding the poses AND in a bra top”

I have worn a bra top since then and guess what, every time I look at myself in the mirror I tell myself good thoughts and it is working.

Sometimes we just have to change the chatter from the inside out.

Don’t be guilty of setting yourself up for an inside job, tell your cells something positive today.

Let me know below what your internal chatter sounds like?  Does it support you or tear you down?

Be Outrageous and Shine SuperSTAR, Shine!

It’s YOUR time!