Self-Sabotage: Your Cells Are Listening, What Are YOU Telling Them?

Hello Darling

Awww the wonderful underworld of self-sabotage, don’t you just love it when it rears its pretty face! This is the first of a few posts on the topic, cuz it’s a juicy one.

Of course one of the main challenges with self-sabotage is the underworld in which it occurs.

It is deeply subconscious and can often (mis)lead us to think we are going toward our goal whilst in fact we might be practicing the age old inner turmoil of self-sabotage.

It’s not as though deep in that underworld we recognize it at work, at first.  You see when you get to identify your areas of sabotage you can then look to the real reason behind your actions.

But how do you do that and what is self-sabotage anyway?

This is where the real fun begins!

Sabotage is defined as “to injure or attack by sabotage.”  So, SELF-sabotage is to injure or attack our own goals and dreams.

“I don’t do that!” you might exclaim.

Let’s take a deeper look shall we?

Have you ever really wanted something and maybe made great headway only to then find something “goes wrong?”

For example you may be training for an event you dreamed of doing and perhaps the training is going really, really well.  And then out of the blue you are injured?

Or maybe you are releasing weight and doing really well and then poof somehow you are derailed by falling off the track.

Hmmmm, sounds like an inside job to me.  Let me explain further.

Are you doing an inside job of stopping yourself in your tracks?

Every thought, no matter how small, is heard by all your cells, this is how they take in the world outside, from how you think.

So what are you telling your cells?

Even though you are forging ahead with your dreams do you secretly feel it is not possible for you to be all that and more?

Is part of you telling yourself that you don’t deserve it, aren’t worthy enough, don’t have the right skills?

How could it be different if you changed the dialogue…how would you project out into the world with this different vibration?  Like attracts like so once you change the vibration from negative to positive your whole vibration will change and attract positive things to you.

How much more could the world love you if only you loved yourself more?

I have had this experience in yoga recently…Watch a video I made on the topic earlier this year:



One day I forgot my top.


Erika offered me one of hers, my first reaction was relief, my second was silent horror as she proudly pulled out two of the smallest bra tops I have seen let alone worn, in public, pretty…and pretty small.

I took a deep breath chose the one I liked most and put it on.

For the next 90 minutes I looked at my belly…my internal chatter started, focusing on said belly…and my inner saboteur was off and running, she knew this conversation like the back of her hand.

“You are NOT seriously going to do yoga with THAT on are you?”  But this time it was different, than ever before

And then I heard a little voice inside, “You’re not so bad,” “You are quite creamy and soft,” and then I realized “WOW, I’m in the front row of yoga, holding the poses AND in a bra top”

Me who used to hide against the back wall in my full length shirt.  It was truly a defining moment.

I have worn a bra top since then and guess what, every time I look at myself in the mirror I tell myself good thoughts and it is working.

Not only that, several people were also inspired to throw out the old long top and let their belly out.  See the ripple effect our inner thoughts have on others?

Sometimes we just have to change the chatter from the inside out.

Don’t be guilty of setting yourself up for an inside job, tell your cells something positive today.

Next week I will share my most recent attack of Self-Sabotage (not pretty and it involves being at a nude photoshoot!). 

Do share below what your internal chatter sounds like?  Does it support you or tear you down?  Are you aware of it or is it just running in the background like a program on a computer, one you can’t see but is running all the time?

It’s YOUR time Darling, time to shine!  Tell your cells something nice and do it often.  Time to scramble that old tape and re-record the new message.

Live. Love. Be Loved.