Someday never comes, so let’s scratch it as a time to start.

Here we are day 4 of 40 days and I'm really wanting not to committed to this but here I am.

I was almost tempted to let it slide. Imagine that! The phrase "it's not about getting it right, it's about getting it started". So here I'm a starting it and seeing what transpires over the next 40 days.

Today I get to take away that o did it. No matter whether I think it's good or bad, it's down. And often that's the space we need to rest in more often.

So there are seven days in a week and someday is not one of them. Let me ask you, what are you putting off until someday? How about scratching someday and assigning a day that's actually in the next week to start?

As for me, I will be back tomorrow. At least today I made it. That feels better.
All love
Sat nam