Soul Care


Tonight I find myself thinking of the Soul as a rubber band. 

Rubber bands are simple in their nature yet depending upon how you treat them they have very different characteristics.

Put the band in the freezer and it will get cold.  Take it out, stretch it and it will snap.

Leave it at room temperature and that same band will stretch far without snapping.

It's all about the conditions you keep the band in, same band-different results.

The Soul is the same way.  When all around it is in chaos, the Soul retreats and hides out in the background.  It withdraws its needs and retreats into survival mode.  This can go on for a long time.

When we live a life that is out of alignment with who we are at a core level and our moral and ethical values, our Souls go into retreat mode.  Slowly they disappear further and further into the shadows of the pain in our lives.

Perhaps it is a job that does not ignite your fire, a relationship that is hard on your heart, or worst still that has numbs you or a living environment that is not your sacred space.  It is that pain that is keeping away the sunshine of pleasure in your life.

When all around the Soul is calm and happy the Soul comes out further and speaks to us, letting us know the little things that make all the difference in our lives.

Yes we are all rubber bands, or rather human beings.  But we are not all the same.  Each one of is unique and the circumstances we find ourselves in, our environment, is also unique.  Striving after someone else's pleasure may seem appealing on the outside but is only going to cast a darker shadow on the inside.

When we chase the outside dream and ignore the inner soundtrack, we can find ourselves off track, sometimes we are conscious about it, sometimes not and other times we are in denial.  I have been there, all destinations!

What helped me was when I started looking back in my journals and seeing the same thing again and again.  Years between entries and still the same whine with myself.  One day I said, "Enough!"  I decided to change the story.  To try something different so I would have something different to write.

Tonight I invite you to think back 10 years, to 2001.  What were your plans for the next decade? What worked? What didn't happen? What happened instead? How do you feel about that? What could you do differently today (if you are looking to make a change?)

Or perhaps like me, you are creating a life beyond your dreams?  I would love to know€¦