STOP! Take a Breath and PAUSE…It’s Good For Your Health

Have You Taken Time To Pause and Reflect Today

I know you are busy juggling your business, family and personal life.  Taking time to pause and reflect may seem like an oxymoron as you work to be bigger in the world and share your gift.

Sometimes it is easy to think that there will time to pause and reflect once _________ (insert whatever is going on for you) is done.

The thing is that life doesn’t wait for us to be done.

Sometimes life decides the time has come and someone is gone, it could be you or a loved one.

We never know when it is time for lights out, and once we are gone there is no more time or opportunity to pause and reflect.

Think back to a time when you had a moment realizing how precious life is.

It could be the loss of a loved one, a brush with death or news of life threatening illness.  One event that many of us felt the aftershock of was the World Trade Center.

Take a moment now, close your eyes, breath deep and take yourself back to the moment that you heard the news that the World Trade Centers had fallen.

I can remember exactly the moment I heard.

It came two days after I nearly died in my own house fire in San Francisco.

I can honestly say that 9.11.2001 changed my life beyond what I could have imagined.

What did you decide to do differently after 9.11?

Did you do it?

It’s coming up to the 11th anniversary of that fateful day.

ELEVEN YEARS…are you still waiting to make the change you dared to dream upon hearing the news?  Did you decide to change your job, break up with a toxic partner, start looking after your health, drop some pounds, do more of what you love?  And have yet to start?

Or like me, did you make a 180 turn in your life?

You see life has a way of just moving forward, whether you are in action or not.  And one day you look up and your life is whizzing by with your dreams still sitting on the shelves of tmorrow.

This past week we lost one of our Tribal Truth members and new friend, Teal Barns.  In her early 20s, vivacious and loving, Teal suffered a massive double heart attack and a week later transitioned over to her next world.

In her few years on the planet Teal touched many hearts and left a print on those she met and even those who only knew her from afar.

So again, I ask, if you have taken time to pause and reflect today on what is important to you in your life, to think about the footprint you are going to leave on the earth.

On the day people celebrate your passing over they will not be saying she drove a hot car, she was sexy, she was a brilliant businesswoman, she never missed a call…they will be talking about how YOU touched them, the love you had for others, how you helped and served people (beyond making money in your business).

When we are born there are two things we know, that we will die and we will do it in this body.

So the question becomes, how can you live more fully and how do you look after this beautiful body that you were blessed with, that has taken you from birth to now?

It brings to mind the quote by Einstein:

“Much is life is urgent but little is important.”

As we come up to another anniversary of 9.11, I invite you to take a moment to pause and reflect on whether you are really living the life of your dreams or just going through the motions, trying to make it through the day?

TAKE ACTION:  Take some time each day to connect with your heart and take time to tune into your bigger vision.

Perhaps this is already part of your daily practice, I would love to know how you feel around taking time to pause and reflect.

Yes we will die one day, but I believe our work on the planet is working out how to live and to do it well, leaving a footprint that goes beyond the material.

Do share your thoughts below, I want to know what this brings up for you.

Live. Love. Be Loved.