System Recovery

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. Mark Twain

Yesterday I shared that I was approaching,  nay I had arrived at, system overload.  After publishing the post I must have thought of 10 other things I could have added to the list of things to do this past 4 days.  But I am sure you got the gist.

Today is all about what to do when we turn the corner, often at hurtling speed, and see the sign Alert; System Overload!

At this point there are one of two choices: get drowned in overwhelm and risk being taken to the loony bin OR do something about it.  Change direction, take your foot off the accelerator, slow down, come to a halt and get out of the car.

But the To Do List I hear you cry.  Yes, the list of things to do remains never ending and some things need to be taken care of.  However, before you can take of the things you need to take care of YOU.

Or in this case, I need to take care of me.

Time to get out of surviving and thrive.  But how do we do that you may ask.

First and foremost is recognizing that the car we are driving is now driving us and careering out of control.  And bend now we could just spin out of control and lose it.  Time to get out of the car and to do that it has to come to a FULL STOP.

Next is a good night's rest.  Sleep is my cure all, I am one of those that believes a good nights sleep and a fresh new dawn can make all the difference but it is not enough to get out the wheelspin I find myself in this week.  I need more but it is a good start.

Yoga, yes I need my yoga to get out of my head and into my body.  I managed to go on Wednesday but not yesterday (the day of the post.)  My body dislikes me for not going but will forgive me if I go today, and tomorrow and the next day.

Time out in nature, is there anything better than feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, the beauty of nature all around you, the feel of the earth under your feet and a blue sky cascading over you?  Indeed a walk in nature is on the must do list for today and we have our favorite dog staying with us so she will enjoy it too!

Good food on my plate, I am generally good with my food and always have a big hearty bowl of salad but in times of overload I might just find myself in the bag of chips Cemaaj enjoys having around.  So not good for feeling better about yourself, in fact it just fuels up the Gremlin Gatekeepers to keep slapping you around at a time when you need to be lifted up.  No chips on the agenda today!

I will also spend some time reading something that inspires me.  I will stay away from the cortex of the computer that sometimes sucks me in sapping away both time and energy.  I will tidy up the farmhouse (that is work that makes me feel better and with 200 sq ft it doesn't take long.)

I will breathe and as my friend, Anastasia reminds me, I will lean into it, meaning I will not struggle within the struggle but allow myself to flow through it to the other side.

I will take it one step at a time today.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here, today I am in the NOW.  Tomorrow is a different story and I will deal with it when it arrives, En Shallah!

How about you?  What do you do to get out of overwhelm and back into balance. I would love to know.

Breathing in, breathing out.

My to do list today is all about self care and ME!

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